Slab Outdoors Shifts Production to the United States & Introduces the Slab Mini Cutting Board

Slab Outdoors, the outdoor gear & apparel manufacturer, has officially moved production of its feature product, the Slab 1.0 Cutting Board, to the United States. In addition, the firm is launching the Slab Mini Cutting Board now that the Slab 1.0 model has gained traction in the outdoor industry. The Slab 1.0 Cutting Board, a tool used while camping, fishing, hunting, grilling, tailgating, & other outdoor activities was created after Tyler Jones watched his father struggle to fillet a fish on a boulder in Northern Wisconsin in 2018.

“As I watched my father attempt to fillet the fish in the river, I quickly realized that we desperately needed a cutting surface that could withstand rigorous outdoor conditions, yet portable enough to take on various adventures. This led to the goal of building an indestructible cutting surface that included an innovative folding mechanism, non-slip surface, handles, & on-surface ruler.

After a year of completing customer discovery & developing the product, Jones launched Slab Outdoors in 2020 with the mission of creating durable, portable gear that enhance the outdoor experience. The company has burst onto the outdoor scene with the Slab 1.0 Cutting Board leading the way and currently has online partnerships with, Overland Bound, & Chimney Trail Co. Now, the venture has made the strategic moves of creating the Slab Mini and bringing production to the United States.

“As we assessed our inventory following the successful holiday season, it seemed like the right time to expand the Slab Series and embark on the search for a US partner that could produce handcrafted American Slabs. Outdoorsmen have expressed interest in a smaller Slab that could fit perfectly into a backpack and be utilized while camping, prepping food, & handling bait. This discovery period led to the creation of the Slab Mini. In addition, moving production to the United States allows us to manage inventory more efficiently & cut emissions involved with global shipping; an issue we take very seriously.”

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