Fishing, Friends, & The SLAB 1.0 Cutting Board

“We don’t view the SLAB 1.0 as a cutting board, but rather a portable kitchen that travels with us on our adventures. This tool allows us to focus on where we are and why we are there, instead of searching for a proper place to fillet.”


Skunkers Outdoors is a group of friends that have known each other for decades and have used the outdoors as an outlet to continue their adventures even as their paths changed. Our team at SLAB Outdoors has been fortunate to get to know the Skunkers Outdoors crew and hear about their journeys with the SLAB 1.0 Cutting Board.


“When we first heard the SLAB story, we loved how the idea came to be while canoeing down the Chippewa River. Northern Wisconsin rivers hold a special place in our hearts as Skunkers Outdoors was born on the North Fork of the Flambeau, which is a tributary of the Chippewa.”


Skunkers Outdoors heads to the Flambeau every year and the memories made on this fishing trip are priceless. Now, the SLAB 1.0 is a valuable piece of an incredible outdoor tradition.


“The Flambeau is the perfect environment for the SLAB 1.0, as it allows us to focus on fishing and camaraderie. The tool is the perfect work surface to fillet our catch as we prepare to cook right on the open fire. We have even used the SLAB 1.0 to catch, fillet, and cook fish without ever leaving the boat. The freshest fish you can ever eat as far as we are concerned. In addition, the SLAB 1.0 has become a staple of our home kitchen, as well as becoming the go-to cutting board for any situation.”


Skunkers Outdoors will be utilizing the SLAB 1.0 in the coming ice fishing season and plan on drinking whiskey from the Buddy Mug on future canoe trips! Check out their YouTube channel here and keep an eye out for more SLAB 1.0 use cases!


Take It With You.


Authors: Tyler Jones, Founder of SLAB & Kyle Ball, Skunkers Outdoors

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